Siberian log fire.

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    I know that it's spring and winter is over but I really like this idea. Just because you are in a survival situation doesn't mean that you can't make yourself as comfortable can be. I really like the idea of getting the heat from the fire without all that smoke.

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    Using big logs as built int reflectors and wood strips for kindling will certainly produce a lot of wood. My only issue with this method is that It requires more work to setup and woodchopping. But is viable nonetheless, given you are in lush wilderness .
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    In those conditions the amount of work is necessary. It is feasible though. Once set up is safe to assume that the actual site will provide days of warmth with a few newly chopped logs here and there. The ends do justify the means.
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    There is a saying were I'm from, wood heats you up two times, when you are chopping it and when you burn it. It might give extra work but it will be worth while, the last thing you want to do is go looking for wood in the middle of the night.
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