Simple Folding Drying Rack For Your Wildcrafted Herbs

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    Simple Folding Drying Rack for Your Wildcrafted Herbs

    This free-standing, simple to make and simple to use drying rack is a good tool for those of you who want to truly start processing those medicines and spices you’ve wildcrafted. Standing at up to four and a half feet tall, this rack takes up more vertical space than horizontal, so its easy to move to a good space for drying, or you can fold it up and move it out of the way when not in use. I bet most of you have seen it before! YES! It’s the simple folding cloths rack your mother or even grandmother used! Now let’s put it to good use!


    (click link to view image)

    They are about $20 bucks at most retailers, but I have seen them at the local thrift stores and online for cheaper!
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    Good info and picture. Thanks for the post.
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