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    Hydrosols are a gentle method to infuse your life with the essential oils of herbs. Both low-cost and easily created, hydrosols offer a “gateway” to the synergy of herbs and water.

    • Large pot with appropriate lid.
    • Jar rack or something similarly heat resistant to stand the smaller collection bowl on. I use either a heat-resistant ramekin, or a red fire-brick (well washed and sanitized).
    • Small bowl that will fit inside the larger pot. This will collect your hydrosol.
    • Distilled or Filtered water.
    • Ice cubes.
    • Freshly Harvested herb(s).
    • Spray bottle (misting top).
    • Funnel.
    • Place the jar rack inside the large pot.
    • Place your freshly harvested plant material into the bottom of the large pot. you’ll want to use plenty, at least enough to reach the bottom of the collection bowl.
    • Pour in the distilled water, just covering the herb.
    • Put the lid onto the large pot upside down.
    • Fill the inverted lid with the ice cubes.
    • Heat at a simmering or below temperature. You want the water that the plant material is immersed in to steam, not boil.
    • 30 minutes processing time to start. As you get more experienced with this method, you can adjust your times according to which herb you use, to get the most potent hydrosol. If the lid is clear, you can actually watch the condensation happen!
    • Let cool until the collection bowl is touch-able, then lift it out of the large pot.
    • Using your funnel, pour your hydrosol into your misting spray bottle.
    • Store in the refrigerator when not in use.
    Supplies and ingredients can be found through affiliate links on my blog. I use and recommend Starwest Botanicals. Feel free to peruse my website, where I do have some other recipes, some tips on wellness in general, and from there you can also purchase herbs and equipment you may require through my affiliate links. I do earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you, from those purchases.

    Oh! And don’t forget, I am not a licensed physician, so before beginning or changing any routines that can affect your health it is always a good idea to consult your doctor. If a rash appears on your skin, stop use immediately and consult a physician.
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  2. Justin Baker

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    Blog Posts:
    Using these directions, and the herbs listed on my post >>HERE<< , you can create a gentle bug spray alternative.
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