Simple Meal Recipes.

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    17thc.-18thc. FOOD.

    Cymro Faggot.

    Faggots are made of meat fragments left over after pig slaughter, wrapped in membrane that covers the pig's abdominal organs, and shaped like sausages.

    Welsh (Cymro) Rabbit.

    Grated cheese mixed with ale or wine and mustard. Spread on toast and heat until browning.

    English Cake Bread.

    Take one Gallon of flowre, two pound of Currans, and one pound of butter or better, a quarter of a pound of sugar, a quarter of a pint of Rose-water, halfe an ounce of nutmeg, & half an ounce of Cinnamon, two egs, then warm cream, break the butter into the flower, temper all these with the creame, and put a quantity of yest amongst it, above a pint to three gallons, wet it very lide, cover your Cake, with a sheet doubled, when it comes hot out of the Oven; let it stand one hour and a half in the Oven.

    Archimagirus Anglo-Gallicus; Or, Excellent & Approved Receipts and Experiments in Cookery, 1658.

    To make an Oatmeal-pudding.

    Take a pint of Milk, and put to it a pint of large, or midling Oatmeal, let it stand on the Fire till it be scalding hot, then let it stand by, and soak about half an hour, then pick a few sweet Herbs, and shred them, and put in half a pound of Currans, and half a pound of Suet, and about two spoonfuls of Sugar, and three or four Eggs; these put into a bag, and boyled, do make a very good Pudding.

    The Accomplish'd Lady's Delight In Preserving, Physick, Beautifying, and Cookery, 1675

    To make an Oatmeal Pudding boyled.

    Take the biggest Oatmeal, mince what herbs you like best and mix with it, season it with Pepper and Salt; tye it strait in a bag; and when it is boyled, butter it and send it up.

    The whole Body of Cookery Dissected, 1661
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    Is there any more simple recipes to make?
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    Heaps I would imagine july, as someone who wants to post on food, have you anything to share?

    Curried lentils, egg on baked beans on toast, toasted cheese & tomato sandwiches, plain boiled oats, boiled rice & sultanas, bread cakes cooked on a hot rock, roasted meat next to a camp fire, nuts, sultanas & sunflower seeds as a trail food, plain dried meat, sausage & bread, bread & cheese, popcorn, boiled or steamed nettles with rabbit or lizard or other small game.
    Always carry some foods that do not require cooking.
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