Sleep And Us Army

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    Insomnia and sleep disorders in the army. LOL! I don't know about others branches but in the infantry, EVERYONE was sleep deprived. If you were in garrison, you knew you had a minimum of one 24 hour duty shift every month. Usually 2 or 3 a month. In garrison is where you actually got to sleep. I've gone days without sleep during training and up to 5 days without sleep when operational. After day 3 it doesn't matter much.

    When I went through basic training they told us we were guaranteed 3 meals a day and 4 hours of sleep a day. Then they told us that they got to determine how we got that sleep and it could be in 15 minute increments at any time the wanted. They weren't lying. LOL! Sunday was a good day for an extra hour or so of sleep.

    My sleep patterns haven't been right since basic training. If I sleep more than a hour at a time, I feel blessed. If I sleep for 4 hours straight, I probably took to much morphine. I definitely feel wrong after that much sleep.

    Sometime after going to LRRP's. My body learned how to shut down and sleep while I was marching. I was moving, being tactical, keeping my distances, doing what we were trained to do but still my brain was asleep. Strangest feeling I've every known. Be walking and remember one spot of jungle and then come to in a different spot, kilometers away from where you last remembered. We all started doing it, just never at the same times. I've never talked to a Dr. that could explain it. Don't want one any more.

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    I read a study done by the air force back in the day, it stated that the best solution was to go 4 hours on , one hour off. Apparently one could go for a very long time but still be coherent,
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    I don't remember a lot of sleep in the Navy either but it wasn't as bad as the army or marines...respect given to them...
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    1. Dalewick
      I knew a couple SEALS that would have argued that point with you. HOTLY!! LOL!! They were great guys.
      Dalewick, Apr 3, 2021
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