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Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by shcoo, Jul 7, 2016.

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    I was wondering if anyone had any advice about keeping your pets in a survival setting. I know large dogs like hunting dogs can be extremely useful loyal companions, but I have two small fifteen-pound dogs and honestly I'm afraid of even walking through the forest with them off of a leash for fear that they will bolt away and get lost. They are terriers though so maybe they could catch small animals like rodents. Could these dogs be trained to stay safe in a wilderness setting, or is it impractical to keep them with me? What about cats? I have seen some videos of cats that go mountain climbing off leash with their owners. Thanks for your info!
  2. tb65

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    Certain breeds of dogs won't do good in the wilderness. Every breed has there own characteristics, if you have a dog that is hard to train you'll have problems. If your looking for a dog to protect you from predators, The great pyrenees is a good one. One of the most common guard dogs is a German Shepherd, you can probably train them for hunting too. Certain dogs are bread for specific reasons so some breeds could be a hassle and make life hard for you in this situation.
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    Well a pet of course has to be useful in order to justify it's existence. According to most research, humans and dogs started to develop their relationship back in the day because humans would give food for dogs so they would stay close and based on the dogs behaviour the people would know if anyone (human or animal) approached. While small dogs obviously can't do much in the way of physical protection, they still have senses that are far superior to ours. So they could have their uses.
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    In my opinion pets have NO place in a survival situation other than for use as food. Dogs unless they are WELL trained can be a threat. They will bark & give your position away, or they will run off & lead someone back to you. Then you have to feed them! Not an option in my book, you are better off without them.
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    Others have said it, but it depends on the animal. Being an animal lover, I would never say a pet is useless (except for gerbils)...but they can indeed become a impedance. Smaller dogs are not as independent as larger working breeds, and they can get hurt easily. Plus, they are easy to spook and prey upon. Terriers were originally bred to hunt same game (at least some breeds anyway), but you'd certainly have to train them for that.

    As for cats, I used to take mine for walks in the wood. No leash needed. They'd just follow along behind me like shadows, quiet and observant. One time a wild dog was coming through the woods. My cat, Tina, hurried in front of me and hackled, making me realize danger was ahead before I even realized it. I was able to hide and avoid being found by the dog, which was hot on the trail of deer. Ever since then, I encouraged my cats to follow me on walks through the woods so I could take their cues.
  6. John Snort

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    Depends on how much food you'll have available. If there isn't enough food, your pets will most likely start trying to find their food. They may come back in the evening or after they've found food but eventually they won't be coming back when they realize they are better off without you in the wild. That said though there might be some use for small dogs when you have to save most of your food for yourself and your family, you'll need to let the pet go.
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