Smallpox Vaccine For National Stockpile

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    Good afternoon all,

    Above tells of new contract for supplies of smallpox vaccine for strategic stockpile.

    The above article is short, light-reading and scary.


    As an aside,

    I wrote something this AM to since banned participant about beef jerky with reply that all Indians and frontiersmen did not worry about the processed meats.

    True, "all" never get ahead of the curve. When I wrote the statement, was thinking of Daniel Boone, learning about cowpox and smallpox. He followed through. Now, I reading above article from homelandprep news about biowarfare. Scary.
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    Everyone should be concerned about biological weapons. Weaponized smallpox is bad but in the light of some of the other weaponized diseases (anthrax, ebola, botulism, etc.) there is a lot preppers need to at least be familiar with. Especially those in dense urban areas where these weapons could be used by terrorist. Just a thought.

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    Even without the threat of weaponized biological agents, we are long past due for another natural health disaster. It has been a hundred years since the last worldwide "plague" type of problem. It is just a matter of time before some sort of antibiotic immune germ mutates naturally or a virus comes along and kills about 2 billion people. We are crowded closer together and more numerous than we were when the Spanish Influenza hit us and modern transportation will spread it all around the world before we know it is there. Something like the Spanish Influenza if it hit us now could easily take out several billion people before it could be isolated or a vaccine or cure found. Imagine if the AIDS virus became airborne and more virulent!!!
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