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    Under the usual "while looking for something else ...",

    Per ...

    I consider this a timely article.

    What got my attention was the lead picture with the forked tongue. I'm secular and present myself as such. I say this because, besides being secular, I've studied several of the English language translations of books a/k/a/ "Bibles" and related terms.

    The venom of the venomous snake (poisonous snake) gets injected via the fangs. For years had been asking around about a line I've read: "The tongue of the viper kills him" from Job 20:16.

    Thus, the tie-in. Over the years I've had biologists tell me of certain chemicals at the end of the snake's tongue. My ability to understand anything beyond this is limited. Am still curious about that Scriptural line.

    Not knowing zoology, I can still guess the Egyptian pharmacopoeia had products involving that Job statement.

    Just rambling. That's why I placed this article here at this section.
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