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Discussion in 'Hunting' started by joshposh, May 27, 2016.

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    Back home this is highly illegal as it is deemed inhumane. However in a survival situation, laws go out the door in order to see another day.

    I know guys that use to snare large axis deer bucks (with horns) with snares. A snare is just a piece of rope that is used to snag, choke or hold the animal in place until you can check on it later. Back home if there is a deer trail or a source of known water supply, guys would set up snares and check on them daily to see if they had caught a buck by its horn on a snare.

    Again, not very humane, but when push comes to shove, I'm eating to survive.

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    Where I live some people still trap for a living. My brother in law made a living selling furs for several years. I have professional level wire shares, leg hold traps and body hold traps stored and ready for "just in case". Like you said in a survival situation all the crap goes out the door. Man is a killer. Now days a lot of people like to pretend that it isn't so but they are just fools. Just because someone else did the dirty work, all meat in the grocery store required someone to kill and slaughter that animal. I don't believe that it is right to hurt any animal unnecessarily but there is always a cost. Take my word, a slaughter house isn't a very humane or pleasant place to work but it has to be done. I think everyone needs to kill their supper occasionally so they can understand that something sacrificed its life so that you may live. Sadly if things break down a LOT of people are going to have a hard time dealing with REALITY.
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    hunting is almost illegal here unless you work on one of the big estates that have deer herds, hunting with dogs is illegal and can only be done with an artificial (drag) scent.
    hunting with any form of bow is illegal.
    so consequently getting any experience in hunting is almost impossible.
    most of the population about 80% now live in cities and big urban centres and are all anti hunting and "country pursuits".
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    We live in such different world that it is hard to find a common understanding. Hunting is a way of life here. I own three bows and have hunted with both bow and guns my entire life. Seriously, even if you had the means how much of Britain is woodlands now? I was a Boy Scout and hunting and trapping were both badges that you could get. Other than rabbits and some deer what else is there to hunt there. We have just HUGE flocks of ducks and geese along with the wild hogs, deer and such.

    Is there a way to find out where a poster is located? I responded as I would have to someone here and would have responded differently had I known where he was. Nonetheless, snares are a tried and true method of harvesting game. In Britain where guns and bows are out then snares will be all the more important. I have snared rats a few times for practice. LOL here in Texas we have rats that are big enough to feed a family of 4!! Look up Nutrea Rat!! Seriously! Honestly I won't have any problem feedimng my family. I live in a sportsman's paradise surrounded by woods with rivers, lakes and stock ponds everywhere that you look. I am NOT here by accident. I CHOSE this place when I left a big metropolitan area twenty something years ago specifically for its potential as a bug out location. I'm now a bug in person.
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    Could not imagine not being able to hunt with bow sling shot or gun
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