So you have a first aid kit, what now!

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    So you have a first aid kit, what now!
    Have you considered how to pack it?
    Get clean, get information, clean wound, action wound, wrap it up, clean off, restock, repack, move on!

    First you really need to wash your hands
    On the outside pocket of my kit I have a bunch of Alcohol wipes! but I rely on antibacterial soap a little water and sterile paper towel not actually in the kit!
    With the alcohol wipes there are several little ziplock bags with 4 sterile gloves in them!
    Once hands are washed and gloves on The kit can be opened!
    The first pouch inside has several different types of thermometer, under tounge manual, under the tounge digital and battery operated and plastic forehead strips. It also has several small torch's and a magnifying glass, a clean but non sterile scalpel and tweezers for minor stuff!
    also has a fingertip blood oxygen, pulse, pressure meter that just clips on, very handy.
    First pouch also has wound cleaning stuff and basic bandaids!
    Second pouch has medical tools and local anaesthetic etc for doing the serious stuff!
    Third pouch has wound coverings bandages, suture kits and various finishing off bits!
    Fourth pouch has any bulk supplies that can be used to restock the other pouch's!

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