Social Distancing: Us And China

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    Good morning all,

    With vital signs and still thinking, all might turn out OK.

    Just don't mix some of the cleaning supplies like bleach and ammonia.

    Our social distancing is working for the fraction of the national population that thinks and prepares. China also has a social distancing program mentioned in above link.

    Mahjong is out ! Just like poker here and canister, too !

    If my prep group could do some work with the lead picture's masonry, ... will be "nice" looking. Am aware NPR placed this picture.

    LOVE the sign with caption": "Reputable" physician ! Difficult to find here in the US - especially with the many new walk-in clinics.

    Ban WWII lamp posts ! They cause disease !

    This corona virus is a vehicle for many good changes.

    Prep, prep, prep
    factor in safety
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