Societal Collapse.

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    We are in a situation now where we are so specialised that it is virtually impossible to realise our level of technology without the infrastructure to support it.
    Whereas in the past a state might fall the effect was short lived because it only affected that single state.
    We are so interconnected now that the whole world would be affected if our civilisation collapses, we have built a monumental "house of cards" held together by worldwide connections that are very fragile to disruption.
    The earth only has resources for an advanced technology situation to be a one time event, mother nature very rarely gives two bites of the cherry.
    We either sort these problems out now or we are going to lose it all and for good.
    This new fangled "civilisation" thing has only been around for 5000 years or so(depending on what you call civilisation) and for 90% of our time on the planet humans have lived as hunter/gatherers, if we lose it all we will -probably- survive as a species but at a reduced level, it should also be noted that over 90% of all species that lived on planet Earth have become extinct.
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