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Discussion in 'Essential Items' started by Corzhens, Jul 3, 2017.

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    My cousin in the US asked me if the solar flashlight is already in the market here. I really don’t know but I guess that solar flashlight, if my understanding is right, has a battery that can be recharged by sunlight. All you need is to expose it to the sun during daytime and you can use it at night. These solar chargers are really beneficial to campers particularly the solar charger for the power bank (portable power for phones). It’s quite expensive but the investment is worth it. And with the solar flashlight, I think it will be a standard item in the gear of the camper.
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    We can find solar fashlight in the local market. In fact solar fashlight sales are better compared to traditional fashlight (the one that uses battery). I have used solar fashlight and there are advantages as well as disadvantages.
    The main advantage is you don't need batteries or electricity to charge the battery.
    The main disadvantage is the light is comparatively dim and the rechargeable solar battery will drain fast. Thus the solar fashlight is not durable.
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    Solar torch does not sound reasonable. Considering they rely on the constant solar source. And if you are going into cave that may not work out. You can also find that in case of the deep woods where you don't see much sunlight, that would be even more bad idea. You should only consider the solar torch in desert areas. This is the area where you can get more sun and you'd need the light any way when sun comes down.
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    Surely any rechargeable flashlight could be charged from any solar panel, you wouldn't want to be carrying the panel and charger around built in because they wouldn't be any use and just dead weight in the dark.
    Corzhens, I think your cousin needs a new marketing idea for a product unless he can get Bear Grylls to endorse it.
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