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    Our first way to charge our bsttries was a hydro i ade myself a wheel lace in the stream turned a generator off a old chevy tuck it stil is working later we added a cheap harbour freight kit of 80 watts it too is still in use few years ago a wind turbine from northern tool company was added it allso is still in usewe allways have power te stream flows the wind blows now the solar works but the other two are our major power supplies as they work 24-7 the solar works weather permitting placeing all your power needs in one supply is a mistake cost of set ups are very affordable now in all the ways we use harbour freight now has 100 watt kits very affordable wind turbines can be got for nder 70 dollars and hydro is easy home made manyvideos on you tube show these and a google search will give you detailed plans. A small protable generator with a can of fuel will give you ower anywhere this can be used to backfeed systems to get fuel out of tanks to refresh you supply for awhile
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    I agree, a multi sourced charging system utilizing hydro, solar and wind provides a stabile supply of usable electrical energy. Each with advantages and disadvantages to varying degrees. With hydro you can "dial" your production in to match your usage by understanding the variables in the system. This could allow you to operate a system with much fewer or no batteries. Solar and wind, especially when used together, are an excellent method to charge a battery bank. Using all three would allow a "zoned" type of generation. For example, hydro for known full time power usage such as refridgeration, heat pumps, water pumps, key lighting. The solar/wind/ battery system could then be used for intemitent usage such as operation of electric hand tools, secondary lighting, radio/computer, battery chatging for portable equipment. I also agree that this can be done very inexpensively if you take the time to learn. If the intent is to "replace" the existing grid to maintain your lifestyle, without major investment in equipment that most of us could not independantly maintain, I believe that would be an unrealistic objective or use in a survival situation.
    Nice article, thanks for submitting it.
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