Some Basic Foods for Survival

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    When gathering food, at first, you want food that sustains you until you have a fire and a shelter. Nuts, berries, leaves, grasses, flowers, grubs and even insects that have nutritional value and can easily be carried with you are ideal. When looking for bugs look under rocks, under bark on trees, big logs and inside them are dark, moist areas where bugs like to hide and chill out. If you're not looking to force down any squeamish bugs, grasses, and some flowers might be available. Sunflowers are leafy, coarse, hairy and fast-growing annual plants that grow commonly along roads, fields, and fences. You can consume the seeds raw or cooked which ripen from September to October, and the roots, flower petals, and leaves can be used to make tea.
    The forget me not is another flower that is edible. The Forget Me Not flower is delicate and primarily blue in color. This flower is most common in spring. The Forget Me Not flowers grow in lush mats. Simply pick the flowers and eat them as if they were a snack. Root crops such as sweet potatoes, carrots, and beats can be found, but unless you know what you're doing, you might want to watch out for all the poisonous look-alikes in the wild.
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