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Discussion in 'Knives' started by Pragmatist, Jan 3, 2020.

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    Good afternoon all,

    Per ...

    I didn't title the thread with the article's "best". The F&S author is just too provincial. All survival situations do not occur in forests. Preppers have various topographic and regional areas to address.

    Drop points are surely ideal for some matters. For other matters, they are not.

    Sometimes leather sheaths are inferior to other material. Again, it depends.

    The handles do not appear as best for slimey hands.

    A letter writer wrote of removing his knife's upper cross guard. The person never had arthritic hands or hand injuries. The hilt can be an important feature for some.

    Does any Forum Member have a favorite because of topo / geographic reasons ?
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    I have two curved blade fixed knives " kukri " that are my favorites for chopping brush . One the " Bo Griz " edition could very possibly cut off a arm with one swipe . Both of these knives are heavy duty . I bought several acers of grown up land cheap and took my kukri knife and cleared the underbrush to turn it into something that looks more like a park . About three days ago a power line crew was installing a power line for another dwelling on our survival retreat . One of the workers was telling me how the power line crew liked working in that area as it was so nice a place . One of our fears is the government realizing how nice this place is and taking it from us and turning it into a public park . I have never tried skinning a critter with a " kukri " but am sure it could be done . If I could have only one knife in a survival situation it definitely would be a heavy duty " kukri .
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    Well at least I have two of the six on the list. I would put the Ontario Air Force Survival knife on the list ahead of the Mora, but to each his own. My go-to would be the Ka-Bar, which you can get for under $80.00.

    Call me crazy but price matters. I never heard of the first one on the list, and for $625.00 I never will. I wouldn't care if it was the greatest thing since toilet paper on a roll. I would never spend on a knife what I could use to get a very good firearm.
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