Some Survival Tips For Winter

Discussion in 'Safety' started by Pragmatist, Dec 31, 2019.

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  2. Pragmatist

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    Good morning all,

    A follow-on type of article on winter survival tips in above link.

    Excellent advice: "Any time you're in the woods, plan on being there for the night".

    I have a sneakin' suspicion that "U.P." is not being used as the abbreviation for Uttar Pradesh, India.

    Someone who enters a forest alone is really a danger to public safety and security. The article's discussed Sheriff's Office is always busy and does not need to have to deal with fools.
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    Good information. I actually never knew that you shouldn't put someone who's suffering from hypothermia in a hot tube or jacuzzi or they'll get a heart attack, etc. Have to remember that one.
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    Good info. People need to know the things that are especially likely to be encountered where they live. I am well prepared for water and heat but never have the problems that people in the colder places have to deal with. Where I live anything around 40f/4.5c is a pretty cold day time temperature.

    With that said we have had a couple of freak winters and when we do it is a MESS!! People here don't know how to deal with things like ice and snow and our trees are not well adapted to it. I was without power one time for 7 days because of an ice storm. The trees dropped branches or even the entire tree fell on the power lines by the thousands. Another time I was trapped in a valley with snow on the roads that made the hills too steep to climb. I, fortunately, am well prepared for not having power and so did OK but I knew people that really struggled and we had a few deaths from homeless people that just didn't have clothing for this kind of weather.

    Even if you live someplace where certain weather or disasters are not common you still need to have the knowledge and basic needs covered.
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