Some Weapons You Can Carry Almost Everywhere?

Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by John Snort, Jul 3, 2016.

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  1. John Snort

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    You never can tell when you may have to defend yourself against an assailant for any reason whatsoever. That's why you need to have a weapon to you can use to incapacitate your attacker or get them to flee if they realize you are not such an easy target.

    I read a story about how a man was able to use match sticks in WW 2 to kill two Germans who wanted to murder him.

    That said I don't believe match sticks can be that great a weapon. If you can fake a limp a walking cane can be a weapon you take with you everywhere you go.

    What other weapons can you carry with you almost everywhere?
  2. Keith H.

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    No need to fake a limp to carry a walking stick. They are legal, as are umbrellas. Car keys are good but requires close quarters as to feet, hands, elbows, knees & shoulders. Hats can be used to some effect in the face & eyes, clothing can be used as a defence against knives. Spray bottles of perfume for the ladies is very effective. Key chains depending on strength & length can be used to strike & to choke. Bicycle locks & chains also good, as are bicycles & bicycle pumps. Waist belts can be used to strike, choke or wrap around your hand to punch. Pin type badges, hat pins, some hair slides, use your imagination.
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  3. Tom Williams

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    A good lock blade pocket knife nothing big just a well made small knife of good steel with a sharp edge is a fine weapon i have a buck i use along with a three blade oldtimer both are great little tools the three blade is 40 years old and is good as the day i got it and is my main pocket knife ie it allways in my pocket
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  4. Doubletap45

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    A cane is one of the best. You can fly with one and take one anywhere. ADA insures this. One of the tac. metal pens makes an excellent defensive weapon. A credit card with one side sharpened. Knitting needles are allowed on a plane, ladies, you do like to knit, Right?
    Heavy, steel toed boots, your belt with heavy belt buckle, as mentioned, an umbrella. A couple of books in a briefcase or heavy carry bag with strong handles can be swung or used to stop a bullet or knife.
    Off bug spray, hair spray (not sure if you can fly with it).

    Lastly, your mind can be your best weapon. When you are in a place where you cannot be armed, look around for anything that could be used as a weapon. You will find more than you might think if you just take time to look ahead of a time.

    When I fly, as much as I like a window seat, I sit in an isle seat. I can't move or respond to a threat if I've got people between me and the isle. I also look around to see who might be someone else who might take action. Especially anyone who looks military.

    When it comes to "Gun Free Zones", I still carry if I can (I don't care about the policy of a business such as Target stores have). I do my best to stay out of "Gun Free Zones".
    If a store does not want me to be able to protect myself, I don't do business with them.
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