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    The Pope came to America for a visit.

    He was picked up one day at his hotel and went on a tour of the area.

    His driver was a real nice guy and they got along really well.

    So the Pope told him "You know I never get to drive anymore since I became the Pope. Do you think I could drive this limo a bit?"

    The driver said sure, and climbed in the back while the Pope took the wheel.

    Well he got to speeding and was pulled over by a highway patrol officer.

    The cop walked up to the window and turned away almost immediately and went back to his patrol car.

    He got on the radio and called his beat sergeant.

    He said Sarge, I pulled over someone really big and I'm scared to write him a ticket.

    Sarge said "Is it the Mayor?" "No Bigger" the officer said. Is the Governor? "Bigger still" said the cop

    "Well who have you pulled over then"? said the Sergeant.

    I don't know... but his driver is the Pope!

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