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Discussion in 'Emergency Treatment' started by Bonzer, Jun 16, 2016.

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  1. Bonzer

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    Have you ever been bitten by a spider? I was once bitten by a spider and it pained for several minutes. Being an adult, I could withstand it and did not bother to apply anything. However, a doctor told me that a Xylocaine injection could be given to alleviate the pain.

    Have you ever heard of fatal and dangerous spider bites? What kind of Spiders to avoid? What measures to take?

    Thanks for all your replies.
  2. jonthai

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    I've actually probably been bitten by a spider before, but it wasn't that painful.I think it must have been one of those not so harmful spiders and it wasn't that bad. As an adult too, I usually just let it pass and don't bother with it like you did.
    You should avoid the yellow sac spider. It can kill your flesh and therefore you should be very careful with it.
  3. thePENofGODx0x0xz7

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    By using baking soda you will have a compelling method to heal for the bites that are from spiders. This basic substance secretes the venom out of the body because it is alkaline, which will diminish any symptoms that are causing you a significant amount of pain.
  4. Corzhens

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    I have no experience with spiders much mire with spider bite. But I had read that some species of spiders have venom that can be fatal to humans. That's why the advice is to change course when you spot a spider's web in the trail. No need to expose yourself to the risk that may cost you your life.
  5. remnant

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    I have never been bitten by a spider but I have had close shaves. My brother was bitten by a spider when he map a baby and foamed in the mouth before he was taken to hospital. I suffer from aracnophobia and until recently, I couldn't stand the sight of a spider without killing it especially the brownish ones. Its good to stock some antivenom at good he possible in case of a spider bite.
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