Spiking Roads

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    If it is just a SHTF scenario, then I would have to say NO. Things will get better and things like puncturing tires or damaging vehicles won't be forgotten. What if you disable emergency vehicles. Doing this during a SHTF could majorly backfire when the world gets back to normal.

    If it's a TEOTWAWKI. Well, that changes everything. Then there will be no return to normal and protecting your family, group and yourself is your responsibility. But, even during TEOTWAWKI use of spike strips should be used in a tactical manner similar to using a mine field. If the area your trying to block access to is close to your home/retreat, it should be under observation from OP/LP's or your efforts might backfire. Personally, if things have gotten that bad some roads accessing my area will be permanently destroyed (especially bridges and chokepoints), and all other roads/trails in and out will be protected with IED's such as shaped charges, claymores, panel charges. etc. that can either be command detonated or mechanically detonated. But, that's just me.
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