Sport survival vs actual survival

Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by Endure, May 24, 2016.

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    Sport survival has many facets, because It requires knowledge of techniques from various disciplines and environmental awareness that allow us to develop ourselves in nature, recognize and make good use of their resources and to avoid dangers. The practice of this sport strengthens the body and mind, also increases our ability to improvise and prepares us for a real survival situation. However and fortunately, most of us will ever have to face such circumstances. It is true that We do not need to eat crickets (yet) or sleep in a makeshift shelter, but all the psychological benefits it provides will help us face the struggle for survival even within our allegedly safe society. We spend time in several things that We could ever find worthwhile in first place (kudos for those that don't), Why not spend some time learning a bit of handy survival skills? Go to local wilderness or hiking without much modern commodities to have a taste of it.
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    Yes, we want to be prepared for hard times, and we can do that by making the whole idea a hobby that is practiced and enjoyed. There are different levels of survival. It can be about getting by on much less money. Or it could be about surviving a nuclear disaster. Disaster and hardship can come in various forms. Studying and applying the knowledge that is available for all types of survival situations is a great way to spend time. A smart idea. It's not only thing I do, but I have great interest in this. It is important.
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    I think that many of the people on survival forums are more interested in "sport survival" as you call it, or just interested in the idea of survival. There is a lot of satisfaction gained from being self-reliant & self-sufficient. Unfortunately for these people real survival is a lot different & absolutely nothing like the way they practice it or engage themselves. Many of these people have absolutely no experience, & yet they will make posts suggesting & advising on scenarios that they know nothing about. Their posts can be downright dangerous to newbies who take them seriously, & I wish they would not do it.
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