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    There are some really useful suggestions listed in this thread and my advice would be to take some of them and start acting upon them now, not when disaster strikes.

    Harvesting and saving seed, for example, is an easy thing to do and I have been doing it for years.

    Composting your vegetable waste is good for your soil and good for the planet. It costs nothing to do.

    Mulching your growing beds keeps moisture in - again, you are simply using what's freely available to you.

    Start this year and it will be a habit that will stand you in good stead come disaster and save you some money too.
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    Speaking of harvesting and saving seeds, I've been reading up on it and it's actually very easy to grow new plants off of parts of fruits and vegetables that we usually throw away. For instance, if you plant the bottom part of a celery stalk, it'll grow new stalks. If you plant garlic, it'll sprout again. You can also cut off the top part of a pineapple and plant that and it'll grow. I've read that pineapples can actually be grown indoors and in climates that aren't tropical too, which I found really amazing.
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