Starting a Fire in Snow or Rain

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    There could come a time when you need a fire more than you know it and this could happen when it is either raining outside or when there is snow. Don't fear though, that does not mean that you cannot get a fire going. The first thing to do is find dry material to burn. It will be difficult, but this is an achievable task. Look for areas of dense foliage or brush that is stacked on top of each other. Then to the bottom of the pile to find branches that are dry. For starting material, you will have to dig deep underneath the snow or look for logs, rocks, or other overhangs where dry material may be found. Once you have the source to start your fire( that being small sticks and good kindling such as cotton or straw) find a place that is under a tree to start your fire, sometimes close to the base of the tree.

    Find a cave or build yourself a temporary shelter to have your fire is always a great option. Once you have a small fire going, you can put your logs stacked around your fire in a Lincoln Log formation to help dry them. Keep adding small sticks to the fire so as not to put it out and before you know it you should have a solid bed of embers that will help burn most any small pieces of sticks and debris that may still be moist. Another handy spot to find dry material for starting fires with is wild bird nests and wild squirrels nest. Sometimes supplies you may already have with you will work as well for kindling and just remember to start small.
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