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    You may know how to gather the essentials to survive in the wild, but do you know how to store what you have gathered effectively? To store water obviously, water bottles are ideal, but if you're short on water bottles, you could use plastic sheets, clothing, big leaves, pots, and pans or plastic containers that you have salvaged from around camp. The best way to store meat is too smoke or cure it. Of course, if you don't have any meat you can gather nuts and berries in your shirt or in giant leaves. Firewood is very important to store, so you do not have to run back and forth all hours of the day and collect wood.
    You have more important things to do like gather food, water, and materials for your shelter. You may want to store extra supports for your shelter just in case something snaps under stress. You may want also want to find a place to keep dry just in case it decides to storm really hard. Bedding is ideal for storing because it can get wet when it rains and can be easily replaced when it does. Possible you also want to store materials for creating parameter alarms, so you don't have to gather them in the middle of the night when an animal sets them off.
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