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    Creating your power is one major hurdle. Once this hurdle has been crossed, you will be able to power devices accordingly. It will definitely without a doubt be a luxury to have any items that are electric powered when you were previously without power. When you are generating a power supply or creating a power source you will also need a place to store this power should you want to use it on a more permanent scale at a later time. The best option for doing this is by creating a self-battery storage for the energy you have harnessed. No discharge batteries that are commonly used for RVs are the way to go. They can be discharged and recharged completely hundreds of times some even thousands of times before they wear out. Car batteries can only do this a few times sometimes a dozen, and they are done for.
    By connecting no discharge batteries together, you can build a storage facility for the power you have harnessed that can store this power to be used at a later time. For example, if you are using solar power you may power the items you are after while the Sun is out. When you are not using power, it can be stored in batteries to be used at night time or during cloudy days when regular solar power is not accessible to you. Knowing how to properly connect these batteries together is important. If not done properly you risk exploding the batteries and causing potential harm to you or those around you. Taking the time to look at how to connect these batteries together is a great piece of knowledge for anybody who knows how to build solar panels or how to connect them to power sources. Building power is one thing storing it is something else. Stored power can be your best friend in your time of need.
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    Awesome. I don't know if there is a way to save a thread so I'm just going to post on here so that I can come back to it for later reference.
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