Storing Rain Water When In The Wilderness

Discussion in 'Finding, Purifying, and Storing Water' started by Corzhens, May 24, 2017.

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  1. Corzhens

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    This is a tricky thing to do. How do you store rainwater when you are in the forest? I have seen one demonstration in a mountain resort. They got bamboo poles and cut it in cylinders which can serve as storage for water. As the guy on the demo stage said, one cylinder can provide you with your water ration for the day. However, you need a sharp bolo or long knife to cut the bamboo into cylinders otherwise the bamboo will crack in the length of the pole. Also, get the fresh bamboo so you don’t need to clean it.
  2. vennybunny

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    I use coconuts husks, covered with banana leaves. I just weigh down the leaves with rocks and it seals up pretty well.
  3. Xilkozuf

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    It sounds like a good method but it also sounds pretty tricky as you said, and I don't know how much useful would it be. Also I think you would need to purify the water before drinking it, since you never know what might be inside it. But boiling it should be enough to keep you safe.
  4. kgord

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    It seems like it would be worthwhile if you are going to be in a wildnerness area, to carry a canteen or other storage containers. I mean not all areas are going to have suitable natural containers like coconut husks or bamboo to store water. If you are in a desert area that sort of thing is not going to be available.
  5. overcast

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    I think storing the rain water is being practiced in many cities and the towns. I guess that helps out if there are common pool of the water reserve. In such case it can help with the water source. I have seen some of the time such sources of water can be good for those who are having drought on regular basis. You should consider storing rain water every now and then around. If possible have garden where you can store it.
  6. GS AutoTech

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    For me, I'd collect 2 separate 2 rain collection setups. A large side for washing & sanitation & a smaller side that I would filter & purify just for drinking & such. Washing & flushing water doesn't need to be purified & needs no processing. Your potable water needs the best treatment you can get.
  7. TexDanm

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    I have cheap plastic drop cloths in every kit. Dig a hole line it with one drop cloth and set the other up to catch water and direct it to the little pond. If it isn't raining you can always take that same plastic and make solar stills with it. This water doesn't even have to be purified if you use it soon after you collect it. When it stops raining you take the sheet that was catching the water and cover the place where the water is stored. Plastic sheets and a little plastic hose will be invaluable for getting clean water.
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