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  1. Storm Packs

    Storm Packs New Member

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    Hello All,

    Thank you for admitting us into the Forum! We are a brand new company devoted to assisting people prepare for the unexpected. Our goal is to set the standard for Modern Survival in the form of a systematic survival solution. We would appreciate all your advice and diverse backgrounds to help us in forming the best items to prepare individuals and families for potential crisis.

    We have one new product on Kickstarter now and greatly would appreciate any thoughts, critiques and support you can offer! The link is here if you have time to check it out pack

    Again thank you for letting us in to learn from you and hopefully add to this community!
  2. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

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    Well no offence intended, but it seems to me that anyone who can design a go pack like this should know what he is talking about, & if this is the case why didn't he instruct his wife & family better & make sure that they had what they needed prior to any disaster. You do not need to spend a fortune on so called special gear, you just need to put a go bag together with the essentials. This is what forums like this one are for, helping people who want to learn.
    I guess for anyone who is too lazy to put their own gear together, a ready made product like this would be handy, but frankly I can't see anyone on this forum spending money on a product that they can very well put together themselves at far less expense. What we need more of is education, the spreading of awareness, not more expensive gadgets.
    Just my personal opinion.

    This particular forum is for personal introductions, not for gear recommendations, you have not told us anything about yourself or where you are based. May I suggest that you do a review on this pack of yours or get someone else to review it which would be even better & post it in another forum such as:
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  3. TexDanm

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    The idea has merit but like Keith I really prefer education over dodads. The problem that goes with bought kits is that people tend to believe that having the kit is that same as knowing what to do in an emergency and how to use the equipment provided.

    I gave a guy one of my ferocerium rods. A Month or two later I asked him if he had tried it yet. He told me that the had tried it several times and never had got a fire started. The Fero rod that I gave him had a bundle of jute and a piece of good fatwood along with a small claw bladed mini knife with a sharp squared back for striking. We went out in the back and I asked him to try it again and I handed him another kit that was basically just like the one I had given him. He cut the strand of jute that held it all together, laid the bundle of jute cord on the ground with the fat wood on top and started whittling on the rod with the edge of the little knife.

    I stopped him took one strand of the cord and unraveled it into a fuzz ball then whittled a bunch of little strips off the fat wood. I gathered some leaves and twig and small branches and with one stroke with the BACK of the knife edge I had a fire. He had all the tools but none of the knowledge.

    My bugout bag covers all of the places that yours does if not always the exact same brand. I have a few things that I think would be worthwhile additions to your kit. First off and cheap is a tube tent. Shelter can be so important. Even in the summer months being wet and in the wind is a miserable experience. It can be used also as a bivy cover for your sleeping bag offering another layer of insulation.

    I also have some foil and a couple garbage bags in the 55 gallon size. A manual clearly explaining the proper use of the included tools and equipment. Last I carry a dry bag that is heavy plastic with several seals to insure that it can't leak. It needs to be big enough to hold your cell phone, your wallet and any papers that you don't want to leave behind like social security card, marriage certificate, insurance papers and such. I leave these type of papers in a dry bag in a fireproof safe all the time along with some cash that I can grab and go.
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  4. Storm Packs

    Storm Packs New Member

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    Thank you for the honest feedback!

    Keith,we are greatly committed to education and training of individuals. To TexDanm's point, you can put the right tools in someone's hands, but if they don't know how to use them it is pointless. Storm Packs plans on providing detailed training in the form of written material and video instruction for every client who purchases a pack. I get your point about how some people are simply too lazy, but sometimes laziness is driven by ignorance. Our hope is that a systematic pack that is organized, labeled, and packed specifically, will provided added clarity under the confusion of a crisis event.

    Truly, appreciate the suggestions and feedback! Anything else, and all criticism is greatly appreciated!

    Please, let us know if there is any way we can help out on your forum as well. The founders of Storm Packs are both in elite sections of the Military with extensive survival training. We will gladly contribute however possible to your discussions and forum, and are excited to learn from others experiences.

    Very Respectfully,

    Storm Staff
  5. Ystranc

    Ystranc Master Survivalist

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    HI there StormPacks, these packs just remind me of those little wash bags that I used to get when I flew business class. Visually appealing but a lot of the contents would be duplicating something I already have or otherwise something that I would never use. When you keep in mind that I can do a 72 hour bug out with the contents of my pockets a lot of that stuff seems to be superfluous. I have a similar problem with those bulk supply deals, I think I prefer to assemble my own supplies and equipment. Good luck with your start up though.
  6. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

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    Ystranc I think that this sort of thing is mostly for people that aren't like us and have little to no idea about what they might need to survive even a short layover someplace. Like you I have everything that I must have in my pockets all the time everyday. As we know 72 hours isn't much of a challenge. I have a knife, a couple of ways to make a fire and usually a couple of flashlights. I know that I can go a week without food so all that I have to do is find some water. About the only other stuff that I might need I actually have in all my cars and trucks and even the boat. I put a poncho and a space blanket in a little bag with some foil and a few water purification pills. The entire thing is smaller than a pack of cigarettes.
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