Stranded in an alien place

Discussion in 'Safety' started by Corzhens, Jun 16, 2016.

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    This thread is just a test of what you would do if you are stranded in a place that is strange to you.

    I am from a tropical country so I may be a bit comfortable being in a forest or mountain. But I have zero knowledge in the desert. So, okay, assuming I were in the Mexican desert or African desert, what can I do?

    First is to stay put and size up my logistics. Do I have water or food? Do I have the strength to walk far? Next is to survey the fields for a potential shelter or food source or even help from other people. But I know there are dangers in the desert like snakes, scorpions or even deadly spiders so I have to be careful in my moves. And when I get no information as if I am in the middle of the sea of sand then I have to make a guess. Which direction should I go to get help?

    How about you, what test can you give yourself?
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    My young niece, just out of college, was traveling through southeast Asia year before last. She was in Napal when the huge earthquake hit. Right before it happenend, a friend who was familiar with the area, set her up with a good family and that is where she was living. But once the earthquake hit, they were out in the streets and she was in great turmoil for months. Until that same friend came for her and took her to the Netherlands. It pays to get acquainted with some good people in a situation like that.
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