Stranded on a small island with no water

Discussion in 'Survival Stories' started by Corzhens, Jun 22, 2016.

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    It's fortunate that you are saved from the shipwreck that you are able to reach a deserted island. However, the island is small, has little vegetation except from wood trees and no source of drinking water. So what can you do to survive?

    My first impulse would be to search for a shelter that will be my homebase. And the I would be looking for water to drink. And having seen none, the next option is to make something or a device that could afford me to catch fish. Naturally I couldn't eat raw fish so I have to cook it. But not well done so I would be comfortable in eating the cooked fish without water to drink. Fish has lots of water in it so that can somehow deaden my thirst.

    Provided I have some clothes on myself, I can use it in the early morning to catch some dew that is trapped on the leaves of the trees and plants and also from the blades of the grass. If I can find a way to store dew for my drinking water then I would definitely survive.
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    How comes this island doesn't have water surrounding it? For me I look for a way to boil the water. Do you know that you can boil water using plastics washed ashore. The hardest thing to do will be to start fire. I will try it the ancient way - rubbing one stick against the other. After boiling drinking water, I will start making a shed out of dry leaves.
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    You still need to desalinate the sea water. You can't just boil sea water and expect fresh drinking water. I have not seen any plastic material that can stand a raging fire and handle boiling water without it being destroyed. Please elaborate more.

    You can make a desalinater with object on the beach. Clear plastic should do the trick. But you can't just boil sea water and expect to drink it.
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