Strange Issue With My Tomatoes!

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    So as any decent gardener is aware of, tomato season is upon us. I've planted a particularly large amount of tomatoes this year, and they're all doing extremely well. Each plant is loaded with dozens of fruits and a lot of them are starting to ripen up quite nicely.

    That being said, some of them seem to be having some trouble as well. For whatever reason, many of my tomatoes (the fruit itself) seem to be turning brown on the underside. It seems like it is mostly just under the skin and can be cut away, but it looks like some are almost rotting from the bottom up. Only a few plants seem to be stricken with this.

    Does anyone have experience with this sort of issue? This is the first year that I've seen something like this, but only a few plants seem to have this problem. Many thanks!
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    You have what is known as the dreaded blossom end rot on some of your fruits. It is believed that infrequent/irregular watering is what causes this. I've had it happen to me, too, on bell peppers as well as tomatoes. A lot of rain can bring this on after a dry spell. It usually just hits for a short period of time on some of my plants and then goes away.
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