Structures That May Survive an Earthquake

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    During an earthquake, individuals may be stuck in high-rise office buildings or other structures that were previously unsafe during one of these events. Now thanks to modern technology and architectural engineering structures are being designed that way. Much like a tree must sway in order to prevent being snapped in half buildings are being made in the same fashion. They have absorbers and the ability to sway during severe storms and earthquakes. This will give them stability from falling over in all actuality. The safest place to be however is away from tall buildings and large structures as during an extreme earthquake any of these buildings may come tumbling to the ground.

    Being on the ground alone is not safe as the falling debris from these high-rise buildings can be more deadly than the earthquake itself. Single-storey structures tend to survive better and offer a haven rather than tall buildings. During an earthquake taking cover under a strong structure is the safest place to be. Being that earthquakes can strike anywhere at any given time, and we do not have a way to effectively detect when they will occur and give enough notice for people to take safety measures. For this reason, it is best to have a preparedness plan for what to do should you wake up or instantly experience tremors or an earthquake.
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    The apartment building that I first lived in when I moved to Tokyo had been specifically reinforced to withstand earthquakes. I think that they honestly have some of the best earthquake preparedness anywhere in the world here. It's incredible that there are quakes so regularly here, but often you don't even feel them because buildings are so well designed. When you know that you're building on land that is so quake prone, it makes logical sense to do whatever needs to be done to ensure your structure remains standing,
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