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Discussion in 'The Apocalypse' started by F22 Simpilot, Mar 11, 2019.

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    If the Yellowstone super volcano goes up and you lived in North Dakota, could you survive moving up North as far North as you could into Canada? Is this truly a world-wide event and if so, how long will darkness fall on Earth? Will all plant life on Earth be gone?

    How would one survive such a circumstance? I have some ideas, but it will take a lot of money.
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    I don't think you would have much of a chance in North Dakota, or in Canada. The entire planet will be affected for many years. It raises many questions.

    Could you survive? Maybe, depending on how far you are from the eruption.
    How long could you survive? Not very, unless you are deep in a cave, or a bunker with many years worth of provisions, and heirloom seeds to start over. Even in a bunker you better have a really good filtration system to provide breathable air for a very long time. We have never had to survive a Volcanic Winter, but somebody did or we wouldn't be here.

    This is long, but worth watching:
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    Good question. How far southeast will be affected by the initial event? I need to look into that.
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