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Discussion in 'Earthquake' started by lexinonomous, Jun 4, 2016.

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  1. lexinonomous

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    As a child, my school required us to create freezer bags full of food that would not expire within the next year. I never understood what the bags were for until I was older. I only knew these bags as the delicious goodies we received at the end of the year- since we didn't have any major earthquakes throughout the year. It was an excellent idea to have a back up plan in case of an emergency, but as an adult, I don't find myself doing this at all.

    Having an at-home survival bag is not a bad idea. Filling a bag with canned food and non perishables might save our lives one day. If we were to experience a life threatening earthquake, would we have food to keep us alive?

    Do you have any sort of survival bag?
    Do you store non perishable food in your home?
  2. lucidcuber

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    I have a bag of this sort, but it contains very little and would only last a day. I store a lot of non-perishable food in my home, and could survive a few months inside, although no enjoyably. I've never known those bags to be handed out in schools, but then again we don't live in a disaster prone area.
  3. barbecueIt

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    We don't have a bag like that but we have a cabinet full of dry goods and some bottle water. However, having a survival bag is a great idea especially that I live in an overpopulated area and food scarcity will happen when an emergency occurs. Moreover, we may have to be mobile when that emergency occurs. Thanks for the idea. I haven't really thought of this.
  4. Amhart6970

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    I have a small good (get out of dodge) bag in my car. It has simple food stuffs a tarp, flashlight, leather man, toiletries, and a water purifier.
  5. amelia88

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    It's not something I had ever worried about until we moved to Japan because of my husbands job. We are here temporarily but once we are back in the States, I think I will still have an emergency supplies stash, even if we don't live somewhere quake prone. Quite frankly, it's just nice to have the reassurance and confidence that if something unexpected was to happen, whether it was a natural disaster or something such as power going out for an extended period of time, that I would be covered until it should be rectified.
  6. sarky

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    In my survival kit, I keep 10 days of freeze dried food. I also have a years worth of freeze dried food spread out at various locations just in case one or another location is destroyed and the food is unavailable. Just remember if you use any kind of dried or freeze dried foods you will need water.
  7. JMS

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    There were a couple of earthquakes that happened when I was living in Egypt. I heard a rumble like a heavy truck driving down the road and then it felt like the truck had hit the building. The whole building shook and I was on the top floor. I had two dogs and decided to make some preparations. I found myself a large enough bag and put a bottle of water in it. The dog's leashes, my passport and my dog's passports. Also a bit of food, like biscuits. Just something to see us through. I had the bag by the front door ready to grab if another earthquake struck and called it my earthquake bag. :D

    My plan was to run up to the roof. The main reason being there was no lift, I was on the top floor and I may not have made it down the stairs in enough time to get out safely. I just hoped that if another quake did happen that my dogs would follow me upwards instead of running down the stairs. I thought it safer to go up to the roof as running down the stairs could mean we get trapped under rubble. I thought there would be less chance of injury if I was on top of the building rather than under it!
  8. Bishop

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    A dog has to have a passport?
  9. Ali_q

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    I have a bag like this, I keep it near my bed. It has some food, water, first aid kit, basic hygiene products, among other things. I've been planning on making an extra one and keeping in my car, just in case. We have some food stored at home in case of an emergency. Living in an earthquake-prone area, this is a must. You never know, so you mind as well be prepared.
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