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Discussion in 'Survival Gear' started by TheJim, Jan 25, 2016.

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  1. TheJim

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  2. lonewolf

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    its okay I suppose, I wear a paracord bracelet and that can become very sweaty and "manky" after a while, caribiners are cheap in sunday markets..i got 3 for £1. I picked up a reel of paracord cheap on ebay. but then i'm a cheapskate !!!
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  3. Tom Williams

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    I. Got 1000ft spool of 3/4 in hemp rope off national guard the old gunny told me if i ould get it inmy truck he didnt see anything lol he was amazed at howquick it was in my truck i allso get spools of paracord offline
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  4. franky

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    I have never heard of this survival grenade before your thread and it seems great! It's practical and so easy to carry since you can put that bracelet on your wrist and carry that grenade in your pocket or backpack. You get so many useful objects (wire, knife blade, aluminum foil, alcohol pad, tinder, fire starter, needle, fishing lines, fishing hooks, weights, swivels, float). I will definitely consider buying one before my next trip.
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  5. DecMikashimota

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    My only concern is that in most of these packs that are on the compact side is that the quality or size of the items in it are not what you are used to. In some cases, depending on what you might want to do these packs only serve as good back up items so you will still need to carry your regulars with you. Don't get me wrong, an extra never hurt.
  6. CivilDefense

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    LOL! When I saw the title of the thread, I thought something like "oh dear, I hope this isn't about an M26 frag ...". ;)

    As to the question, no, I never invested in one. I dig the concept though. A similar thing I carry is a light, aluminum cigarette case that is loaded with some items (e.g, wipes, bandaids, aspirin tablets, etc.). Similar concept, though perhaps not as high tech.
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