Survival Indoors vs Outdoors

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    Survival indoors and survival outdoors entail the same needs but are slightly different from one another. Survival indoors requires a different level of preparation and different techniques than survival outdoors. When surviving indoors if you will be staying indoors you need to have a way to be able to grow vegetation. Growing plants inside is essential to producing not only oxygen but food as well. Having a greenhouse setup will help to ensure this. Growing hydroponics and aeroponics will assist in indoor living when it takes place for long periods of time. There are devices out there such as the Volksgarden that can produce extremely large yields of food in a short amount of time that are also energy efficient. If you are able to afford these devices, they are great to have on hand for indoor emergency situations.
    Outdoor living will be slightly different as you will be outside it will be up to the temperature and climate when it comes to what you can and can't grow and when you can and can't grow it. By learning the cycle of the weather and planting manageable crops, you can successfully grow food that will last you through a season. You will also need to learn techniques such as jarring in order to help you preserve your vegetables for seasons at a time. Whether you are indoors or outdoors making sure that you have a clean supply of fresh drinking water is a must. If you take into consideration things like this you will be better prepared for survival whether it is indoors or outdoors.
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