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Discussion in 'Mental Preparedness' started by lonewolf, Aug 3, 2016.

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  1. lonewolf

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    Survival is not a duty of care for those that cant be bothered.
    Survival is proactive and reactive problem solving.
    If you are part of the solution-I will help you.
    If you are part of the problem-move on, nothing to see here.
    Survival is about SELF reliance and SELF sufficiency.
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  2. Keith H.

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    Good one.

    The interaction on this forum has dropped off remarkably. I thought that last post of your's was a ripper & was looking forward to other replies, but nothing!!! I think it confirms my theory that most people are just playing at survival. I was wondering the other day, you know those recommendations on what weapons to carry, mostly on guns, where muzzle-loading guns & bows are totally ignored, I was wondering just how many of those people actually OWNED the guns etc that they were recommending? Seems to me that you are better off with a muzzle-loading pistol/bow/crossbow/air gun/in the hand than two 9 mm Glocks in the bush!
  3. Arkane

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    Survival is
    Success, winning the struggle and staying human.

    Survival is not a race to see who can be the most inhumane monster.
  4. lonewolf

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    yes, participation on forums always drops off this time of year due to the summer holidays/vacations. I notice there seems to be only 4 of us posting on this site at this moment in time.
    most people do NOT prep for the long term, this has been proved many times over the years, most are only prepping for what I refer to as short term events, unemployment, illness, minor power cuts and the odd trade union protest strike, you know stuff that is over soon and then its "business as usual", very few people prep for long term or TEOTWAWKI events, and even in prepping circles we who do are looked on as a little "odd" or even paranoid-I've been called that on a few prepping forums over the years. I think most people cant handle the idea that life might be different one day from the norm that they know.
    which is why I think there is a difference between a "prepper" and a "survivalist".
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  5. Para173

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    Survival is about options. Sometimes you make your own options. Other times you luck into circumstances where an option happens for you that you weren't expecting. Take something small like a fire. Sometimes you make or start your own fire. Other times you might come across the still warm embers of a fire caused by a lightning strike. Both ways means that you can end up with a fire to cook food or with a way to warm yourself. In both cases you used the option to make a fire to use to your advantage. Also the more knowledge you have the more options you have when it comes to making decisions. The more you study your survival crafts the more you learn about how to survive in the worst of situations. So everything you do, educate yourself, think ahead of trouble, develop options and so on all help make you a more reliant survivalist.
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