Survival Kits- What Comes in One

Discussion in 'Essential Items' started by TimberTom, Apr 28, 2016.

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    Survival kits are something that everyone should have on hand. From professional bug out bags to simple essential survival kits. There are many different kits available on the market that you can purchase today. If you are a very busy individual who doesn't have time to do a whole lot of shopping then perhaps going online and simply typing in survival kits into your browser will give you great options. You can find basic essential survival kits at Gander Mountain that start around $10 each. Your basic $10 survival kit is nothing like some of the more complicated ones that are available. However, this $10 kit does contain 6 essential items. A red signal flare, whistle, mirror comma emergency blanket and a survival guide.

    Your more extensive kits it can be purchased such as the five-day emergency survival kit from Wise company. The survival kit contains 32 servings of meals along with everything you would find in your basic essential kit plus things such as playing cards, dust mask, and bandages. There's even a flashlight and a survival whistle.
    If you don't have time to gather these items yourself, then this may be just the thing you need to get. It only takes a few minutes to go online pick one of these out and order. Having one on standby in your home or vehicle can make the difference between life and death.
  2. Arkane

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    Buying someone elses idea of a survival kit is anti survival!

    Put some effort in and build one yourself for you in your circumstances!

    Define your parameters first then build according!
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    the best survival kits are the ones you put together yourself based on personal experience, apart from anything else it'll probably be half the cost of a commercial one.
  4. Arkane

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    When I go bush!
    In each rear arse pocket I keep a survival blanket!
    In the front right pocket I keep a small tin with match's, small compass, magnifying glass, safety razor blades, whistle
    On my belt I carry my leatherman and a big but lightweight very sharp bowie knife!
    In a small pouch also on my belt I have a small colapsable waterbag 1L with puritabs and a large lightweight flysheet with thin ropes!

    The above is a standard always on me set of essentials!
    After that is a daysack with extra stuff then a full backpack with even more!
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