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  1. Vatheri

    Vatheri New Member

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    I have noticed a couple other suggestions such as a bookshelf suggestion, a "how to video" section, and so forth. I had an idea that might help to encompass both of these and more. Could we perhaps have a "Survival Media" sub-forum here? We could add categories such as:

    - Movies
    - Books
    - Podcasts
    - TV Shows
    - Online videos
    - Misc.

    We would be able to share and compile our favorite documentaries, video guides, and so forth in one easy to find location.
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  2. CivilDefense

    CivilDefense Expert Member

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    That is not a bad idea. A "Media Room" section or something similar would be a great place to post instructional materials, documentaries, so on and so forth.

    There is a lot of great existing content, but if some members create YouTube (or similar) videos, it would be a nice central location to post those. Perhaps as the site grows, there could even be an option to host preparedness videos. But, I'm probably getting ahead of myself with that one.
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  3. Danny Luke

    Danny Luke New Member

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    I completely agree with this suggestion. There's a lot of content out there about survival in the media that it would be great if there's one section here where we can collect and collate them by the categories mentioned by OP. I for one would like to listen to podcasts by well-known and experienced survivalists.
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