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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Tcash, May 31, 2017.

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Who would you call in a crisis?

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  1. The law

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  2. Family

  3. God

  4. Friends

  5. noone

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  1. Tcash

    Tcash New Member

    Blog Posts:
    ;)Hi everyone I'm new here my name is Tcash! I feel very strongly for this topic. My perception of this topic is that through God and knowledge of self a person will be able to accomplish all not some but ALL of life's hurdles. I believe a person has to accept who they are and then apply it to daily life all the time not some of the time. Once you get the hang of loving yourself you will go to the extremes to make sure your ok and in good health, you will want to help others understand their crisis better with positive vibe and self nourishment. God is the key in my opinion the sole survivor of my spirit and others spirits. Prayer heals and gets a person through trials and tribulation beyond your understanding and also in your means of understanding. I have been through a lot of situations in life where my life could have been harmed but because I stood by God I was able to get an answer. Can anyone understand how I'm feeling, have you been a witness that survival of the fittest is part of Gods plan and we can survive through staying powerful in knowledge and in heart? God works in mysterious ways and your survival is in your hands as long as you know yourself and God.;);););)
  2. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

    Blog Posts:
    I have just started doing a product review so this post is very timely. I have tried this product "god" & so did my parents when they were still alive, however this product did not work for us, so obviously god is not for everyone. My Brother died, my parents died, all my closest friends accept present family died. The genocide in West Papua is still going strong & our government is still screwing us over. If this god works at all, obviously it is very particular as to who it helps. I find it is far better to believe in one's self, rather than depend on an invisible friend.
    Just my personal opinion.
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  3. lonewolf

    lonewolf Societal Collapse Survivalist. Staff Member

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    we had some friends a few years ago, one day on a visit to a relatives house they found a brother and their mother sitting in an empty house with no food and the brother kept repeating "Buddha will provide, Buddha will provide!" if our friends hadn't gone and visited them they would have died of starvation.
    no one will provide unless you do it for yourself.
    unless you prepare, no one will provide you with food, no one will provide you with water, no one will provide shelter or security or first aid, you are going to have to do it for yourself.
    this is something the masses haven't worked out yet, lets hope they do before it is too late.
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  4. BethSztruhar

    BethSztruhar Member

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    You just can't survive like that method, where you are sitting on your couch and waiting for something to happen. You are the one who make things happen! I strongly agree with Keith and lonewolf on this topic, but not everyone can be on the same page.
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  5. jeager

    jeager Master Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    "God helps those that help themselves."
    God gave us brains.
    Humans survive by using them.
    Snowflakes have brains but don't use them.
  6. lonewolf

    lonewolf Societal Collapse Survivalist. Staff Member

    Blog Posts:
    used to be true, but humans these days have lost any kind of common sense, they have to be told what to do, they cant do anything off their own bat, they have to have a "chit" (as we say here) before they are allowed to do something and then its only what they have been told to do and nothing more.
  7. jeager

    jeager Master Survivalist

    Blog Posts:

    Yes. Those dependent on the dole, government assistance that's become a multi-generational way of life,
    will have a hard time when the free goods stops.
    The "hive" mentality. Follow the rest of the hive and survive, won't work.
    Being on the dole is o.k when needed. That's why it's there.
    No shame in that at all.
    I've been down and out and accepted food for my kids from the church.
    When things got better I bought and donated food to the church for those in need.
    Sadly the element here in the U.S. breeds more welfare career people.
    Self perpetuating welfare career gimme people.
    "I wan't mo'! gimmie mo'!"
    Little to they realize they have traded one kind of slavery for another.
    Dependent on the white man's money to live in near poverty and LIKING it!
    Welfare = slavery of a different kind when it's a way of life.
    It keeps them fed in "da hood" where they don't bother working people.
    That's harsh I know and smacks of racism but it isn't racial when it's facts.
    Recall I was about 8 years old before I figured out "honky boy" wasn't my name.
    We were just as poor as the blacks I grew up with.
    Those kids I grew up with are today..................................ready?..................STILL in 'da hood'.
    I have 2 degrees and a solid retirement more than most people earn.
    I grew up with black people and all that haven't been killed or are in prison, are still in
    da hood.
    Go figger.
    Is the truth racist?
    It's the welfare gimme mo' people what will be attacking people that have something
    that will make survival problematic.
    Do you think gimmie people are on survival sites?
    Are they exchanging ideas on how to survived shtf situations.
    No. Not only no but hell no!
    IF the shtf fan and the free stuff is gone they will riot, burn, loot, as they have always done.
    Get away from gimmie people as far as possible or become a target.
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