Surviving a Dog Attack

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    Surviving a dog attack is an experience that hopefully no one ever has to live through. Being attacked by dogs whether they are someone's pets or they are wild is a frightful and scary experience for anyone. Some tips to helping you survive a dog attack depend on what you have around at the time of the attack. Obviously, a weapon such as a stick or a pipe will work to your advantage in helping to bash the attacking dog. Sometimes, however, there are no sticks or pipes within distance and you will not have a knife or gun on you and will have to engage in a hand to hand combat situation with the attacking dog. Should this situation occur to you the best thing you can do is to make a fist locking your thumb against it pointing out kind of as if you were hitchhiking. When the dog gets ready to lunge at you, take your thumb and shove it into the dog's throat. Most likely this will crush the animals larynx causing them to suffocate and no longer attack you. If there are several dogs, you may have to do this repeatedly. There is no way actually to prepare for this except for to practice the technique and hope this situation never happens to you.
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    Thank you for posting this. I have been chased by so many dogs in my life time and I have always just climbed the nearest tree and waited for help. Luckily I have not been chased as an adult but it is really nice to know just shoving a finger down the dogs throat will stop it all. I hope I am never attacked by a group of dogs that would be horrible. The biggest dog I have even been chased by was a st bernard. Cujo that is all I could think of, I made it home before my mom's boyfriend at the time shot it. Wounded the thing, then the neighbor got mad.
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    Dogs abound in our village and sadly, there are many stray dogs. My husband and I walk around the block after dinner as a form of exercise and bonding as well. But sometimes the stray dogs would bark at us. There was a time that we were almost attacked by stray dogs. Fortunately, a dog whisperer taught us how to deter a dog from attacking us. First is to look the dog in the eye as if to size up if it is really that ferocious to attack me. And then bend and kneel so my eyes would in the eye level of the dog. Third is to make a gesture of picking up a stone (even when there is no stone around). And when the dog still continues with its attack, form a fist and show it to the dog.

    In our experience, the first step is usually successful since the dog would retreat. But when it doesn't and we go to that eye level, it never fails to scare the dog. Maybe the dog whisperer is a good psychologist that he knew how the dog would react for truly the dog would back off as if it was scared of my eyes.
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    The last thing you want to do when you are attacked by dogs is attempting to run away. This is what most people will do. But fact is you can't outrun a dog and once you turn your back on it, the dog will come after you and go for your legs. You'll fall and once the dog pins you down and if you survive you'll have been badly mauled.

    When attacked by dogs, stand your ground and fight them. @Aneye4theshot's technique sounds great.
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