Surviving a kidnap

Discussion in 'Survival Stories' started by Corzhens, Jun 14, 2016.

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  1. Corzhens

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    In one team building activities of our office, there was this topic about safety since we are working in a bank. What to do when there is a bank holdup? And then there was that topic of kidnap which made us all think hard. How do you survive kidnapping when you are the main hostage that is waiting for ransom? That's too difficult to answer.

    I remember a kidnapping a long time ago. A daughter of a newspaper mogul was kidnapped by an activist group. So as to be certain of her survival, the kidnapped daughter befriended the kidnappers and eventually became the girlfriend of one of them. I don't remember if the ransom was paid or not but the daughter was safe although it was not the culmination that we are expecting - the daughter sided with the kidnappers and joined its activist movement.
  2. remnant

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    To survive a kidnap or hostage situation, a person should maintain a low profile. Don't look at the hostage takers or kidnappers right into their eyes. They can shoot you at a whim. Try to engage the most reasonable member of the group and attempt to make friendship with them if possible. In the initial stages, don't put up a fight but try to run away. When subdued, surrender by raising up your hands and lying on the floor. Obey their prompts unless if you are under literal danger of death.
  3. willywonka

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    Wow Corzhens! I have never heard of that story! Who would have expected her to side with the kidnappers and join their movement? Everyone was probably hoping for her safe return. Did people say that she had Stockholm Syndrome? That is a wild story. If I were kidnapped I would hope that my family would be smart enough to tell the authorities to track the GPS of my phone, but I doubt they even know about that. I am going to have to make them aware.
  4. Moroccanbeauty2266

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    I can't imagine being kidnapped. It must be horrifying especially as a woman. I would try to stay calm and not fuss too much. Try to be kind but I would not want to be too kind and allow it to turn into a relationship. That would just be too awkward for me and just unimaginable.
    I guess you would have to follow their orders especially if they are threatening to kill you but at the same time try to find smart ways to escape. The only problem with that is you risk getting killed anyway.
  5. John Snort

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    The one way to keep yourself alive is to remain calm. Antagonize the kidnappers and they'll probably rough you up a little. Make them fear for their safety and they'll most likely kill you before ransom negotiations even begin. Be smart, don't try to escape unless you know your way out of the place you are being held and wait for the rescue.

    If it's terrorists who are holding you hostage however you should try to escape because they usually kill their hostages in the end anyway.
  6. Arboreal

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    The (in)famopus story of the kindapping of Patricia Hearst, the heiress of Hearst billionaire clan, by an obscure ecoterrorist organization, back in 1970s. bear in mind that best known version - where Hearst was an innocent victim brainwashed by tortuing terrorists (and drugs) - is not the only one. When she was apprehended by the police and trialed, the prosecution succesfully argued that she joined the group on her own accord and the whole kidnapping was faked to provide her cover. I don't know enough about the case to take a stand on whether it's true or not, but it was enoguh to convinve the court and the jury.
  7. iseeyou

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    I've never heard of this story before, it's really interesting, that's a really big plot twist right there. I guess we can all take note of what the victim of this story did if we ever find ourselves being kidnapped but the probability that we'll get as lucky as her, is slim to none. I guess the best approach is to remain calm and keep your hopes up. Don't do anything stupid that would draw attention, be quiet, stay low key and pray that you'll be saved at the end of this nightmare.
  8. neoKit

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    You'll have to be humble and do exactly whatever they tell you. Remember they may kill you at any time. You must remember to pray, even if you've never prayed before. You'll have to learn their habits and avoid being abusive. Talk to them softly and explain to them why your family depends on you. If you try to fight them, they may hit you or even shoot you.
  9. Eric Graham

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    If it were me *knock on wood* I would be as cooperative as possible, act like it's not a big deal so they gain the trust that you will go along with it until they receive whatever they are asking for and start to trust you, then when the oppourtunity strikes just run and scream. I remember one girl that did this one the news and the kidnapper stopped for gas, and since it was a public place she made a run for it and just started screaming in public and the assailant got so spooked they just ran off and they ended up catching him down the road. The best thing to do is not to be combative as scary as it is, do whatever they say, give them whatever money they want. You can always get more money, you can't replace your life.
  10. Toast

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    I think to survive a kidnap, you just have to bear through it as best you can. I think you have the option to escape, if you see a suitable opportunity. It also depends on what your kidnappers want, if they want a ransom that will be paid, and you haven't seen their face or any valuable information, you'll usually get out alive. I think either way it's an unimaginable situation, that is really tough and scary to go through.
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