Surviving a plane crash

Discussion in 'Survival Stories' started by remnant, Jun 20, 2016.

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    I know its a rare thing to survive a plane crash. Countless of them have resulted in 100% fatality rates and counting. I wonder why the civil avionics and aeronautical engineers have not designed a parachute system which passengers can use to eject in case of an emergency. I am not a fan of air transport but I guess there are preparations on board to survive in case the worst happens.
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    As per the demo of the flight attendants before the flight, you have to fasten your seatbelt and be prepared for crash landing by putting your head between your knees (if you can) to soften the impact of the impending crash. When the plane lands on water, there is a life vest under the seat that you can use. And then you can check for the emergency exit and go out of the plane. But if you land on ground then most likely the plane would be on fire so you also have to rush to the exit and get away from the plane as far as possible.

    Some plane crash survivors say that they had presence of mind and avoided panic by thinking positive. The more you are scared then the more you lose your focus such that the emergency door is already open but some passengers wouldn't move due to panic and hysteria. It's easy to say to be calm but I cannot promise to do it in a plane crash situation.
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    They have not designed such a system because it's not too common to have planes fall out the sky that often. Capitalist don't see it as an advantage to build this type of system. The cost would not be worth it. Capitalist know that there will definitely be place crashes in the future, so they accept the ratio that analyst come up with.

    If it really was in the best interest of these companies to build a parachute system on commercial air planes, then it would happen. Right now it's just a waste, and that's not me saying in the event that a plane is going down, those lives on board are just a waste.
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    I think having parachutes for each passenger is a good idea because then the chances of surviving a plane crash would drastically increase.
    However, hades_leae has a point. The companies are not interested in spending more money!
    And that is too bad because I am sure many airlines could benefit from it. It will secure their customers and the customers would have more trust in them.
    Maybe there should be something like purchasing a parachute at the airport instead of having the airline provide it on the plane and then taking it with you on the plane. That way the airline would not be responsible for covering the costs.
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