Surviving A Sand Storm

Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by neoKit, Jul 3, 2016.

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  1. neoKit

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    How hard is it to survive a sand storm in the middle of a desert? I have never experienced a sand storm since I have never spent time in a desert. My friend told me how one can easily lose their life if they can't take necessary measures.
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  2. hades_leae

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    I actually don't think that it's that hard. I can see myself out there, and knowing that it's coming, I would did a hole, not too deep so that I could still breathe, and I would bury my body in it and wait for the sand storm to pass.

    It seems like a solution because you can be hurt from a sand storm is sand is already on you.
  3. Keith H.

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    I have only been in one sand storm, breathing was the main problem. I got into my 4WD with a bandanna over my nose & mouth. The sand got into the vehicle. Obviously I survived, but not sure how long one can last if it continues. Having said this bare in mind that road signs in these areas are usually sand blasted down to clean metal. People who have never been in a sand storm are just guessing or assuming what it is like. It is NOT a pleasant experience!!!
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  4. crimsonghost747

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    It's not that difficult to survive. Obviously it being a desert you don't have much to hide behind, but if you can find a tree or a larger rock etc, those would do well. In the absence of those, which would be the most likely situation, then you would need to obviously try to create cover somehow. If there is nothing else the lie down and use your backpack to shield your head. And obviously cover your face as much as possible with any type of cloth. Main issue really is breathing... as long as you can breath then you should be able to wait out until the storm stops.
  5. tgthewriter1

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    I heard from watching "Prince of Persia" movie that surviving a storm is easy if you have a tent. All you need is something to cover your body with like a tent or a sheet. I am not a expert but having a tent would help you survive a sand storm.
  6. My3Sons_NJ

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    If you have never been in a desert, you don't know the power of a sandstorm, especially in a desert that spans hundreds if not thousands of miles such as the Sahara and Gobi deserts. In America, the dust storms will be relatively small and short in duration (generally under 10 minutes) but in the Arabian peninsula, Sahara and Gobi deserts, dust storms are generally more severe and can last for a period of greater than 24 hours which would require some method of sheltering yourself from the elements during the storm. A tent is ideal but if you could manage to get to the top of the nearest hill, the intensity of the storm will be somewhat less increasing your chances of survival.
  7. Corzhens

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    Desert is alien to me but I have read and seen some documentary about sandstorms. The grains of the sand are so tiny that it can fly high and land far away. In a sandstorm, they say that you can suffocate because of the dust, they are the microscopic sand that can enter your nostril and clog your breathing. The best defense according to what I had read is a wet cloth to protect your nose and mouth from the dust. And you should not move because the sandstorm usually don't last very long so if your place is hit by a sandstorm, it will subside sooner or later.
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