Surviving a terrorist attack

Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by remnant, Jun 29, 2016.

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    In this era of assymetrical warfare, attacks happen in crowded areas without warning. The worst episodes are from lone wolf terrorists since they are not easy to spot. My take is that avoiding malls and government installations and spending the least time possible there if you don't work there is the best strategy. Figuring an exit strategy in advance also pays but its also crucial to be calm in order not to spark panic unnecessarily.
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    You also have to keep your wits about you and be able to assess the situation as rationally as possible. In the recent terrorist attack in Orlando, you basically had one Muslim terrorist, armed though he may be, in a building with at least 250 if not 300-400 people in it. Were it not for the primal instinct of fear that is innate in all of us humans, rationally assessing the fact that if a number of people jumped the shooter, the death count would be quite low in comparison .. on the order of mid/high single-digits as opposed to 49. A few people on the flight that crashed into Schwenksville on 9/11 decided to take the fight to the attackers and thus saved many hundreds more .. but having the courage to act in that manner is a very tough ask.
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    By definition that place was full of those of little courage! Not a real man in the place!
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    Not necessarily. There's this British woman who was beheaded by a terrorist in her home for example.

    The one thing terrorists want is to kill people. If they can't kill many people. They could kill one or two. So no matter how hard you might try to avoid being killed by terrorists, you could be a victim any time. This is why you need to know what should be done just in case . . .

    Stuff that could be helpful:

    - Go shopping when there'll be few people in the mall.

    - You could do some "profiling." If someone looks like a terrorist or acts like one then you need to head for the exit immediately.

    And ladies, leave your high heels at home in case you need to run for your life.
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    If you have noticed all over the world, these terrorist attacks continue to happen at the same places, airports, coffee shops, schools, etc. Many people out there who choose to not learn how to protect themselves will be most likely the ones suffer from being dependent on government officials in situations like terrorism because they don't understand what they should do when things go down.
  6. Moroccanbeauty2266

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    Most of the time, terrorist attacks happen very suddenly and unexpected.
    Especially, nowadays places where there are crowds of people are the first target that are chosen.
    This makes it hard because you would have to avoid crowds every time you go outside.
    I think it is very very hard to even prepare yourself for a terrorist attack.
    If I were close to one I would try to help others around me as best as I can, for example, with my first aid skills.
    I can help but this is no guarantee that will survive it myself.
    If you can overwhelm the attackers as a group than that is your only chance but as has been said, it take a lot of bravery to do that.
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    Right now I am travelling with a solar backpack at all times so that I can charge my devices in case of an emergency and I have been keeping a first aid kit in the pack as well as snacks, water and a light blanket. Even though it is hot right now, my boyfriend and I have been stashing things like this in our car so that we have access to food and supplies in the event of an attack and we can't get back home right away. We even have a light sleeping bag in the trunk as well. Just be aware of your surroundings!
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