Surviving a Thunderstorm in the Woods

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    Very could arise a situation where you were out in the woods and end up getting stuck in one of the worst possible situations that being a thunderstorm. Being stuck in the woods during a thunderstorm might not sound that scary to you until it happens. I know I have been there. While walking home from a fishing trip in Florida, we had an hour and a half walk through the woods to get home. A violent afternoon thunderstorms spawned out of nowhere. The lightning in the storm was popping all over the place. Normally they say to not be near trees during a lightning storm but in this instance that was all that we can do. We ended up finding a fallen tree and set underneath it for shelter to wait out the storm. Trees were being struck by lightning what seemed like every 20 or 30 seconds for about 2 hours. My friend and I did manage to stay safe during the storm, and we truly believe it was thanks to hiding and finding refuge under a fallen tree. The amount of branches that we saw a fallen on the ground that had been hit by lightning and we're standing on the rest of the walk home. We thought that if we had tried to walk home, for sure we'd have been hit by falling tree branches or we would have been electrocuted by lightning. So in a situation where you are stranded in the woods during a severe thunderstorm finding a fallen tree can be the best place of refuge for you. It can protect you from other falling limbs that come down due to heavy wind, rain, and lightning strikes as well as give you a little bit of shelter out of the rain.
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    We live in the woods, it is crazy waking up and going outside the next morning to see some the trees split.
    Jacob my husband showed me a tree outside his Aunts house that was split when he was a kid, he got to see it.
    The wind in the woods is stronger, and the debris is even more crazy. I have never seen anything like it in my whole life.
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