Surviving a train accident

Discussion in 'The Hangout' started by remnant, Jul 1, 2016.

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    I have read in the news of ghastly train accidents where the coaches pile up on each other and some of these occur in India which has a huge rail network. I have travelled by train and I was always nervous of the possibility of the huge machine derailing especially when negotiating curves on high bridges. There were no airbags or any safety equipment like safety belts inside.
  2. SirJoe

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    Unfortunately there isn't much they can do. It really comes down too if you are lucky or not, but trains are still one of the safest ways of traveling. Accidents are very rare but unfortunately when there is an accident a lot of people do die but if you compare it to the amount of people that die on the roads on daily bases it's still much safer.
  3. tgthewriter1

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    If you are physical able, walk to a telephone. Call a cab and continue to your destination. You can call the police but getting a ride home should be priority one. The next one should be food and shelter. I think you should only call the police if you can't move. The train is not your problem. Put your problems first in all situations.
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    I would like my teen son and I to take an Amtrak train sometime, but I have often worried about train wrecks. Especially since I read Amtrak rails have not been maintained well. If we do manage to take a train trip, it would ease my mind to carry a good first aid kit with me.
  5. Corzhens

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    I sometimes imagine being in a train accident. We were in Hongkong the other weekend and the main transportation was the train. We go there every year so we are well versed in traveling by train all over the place. There was a time when I saw a news report of a train collision in London. That was years ago but the photo is still vivid in my mind. For sure there were many casualties because of the impart. I don't think you can be safe inside a train that collides with another train and the only surest way to survive is to hold on to the train itself. Most of the dead were due to the impact, meaning their body were tossed inside the train.
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