Surviving a Tsunami

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    When it comes to surviving a tsunami, this may happen to you and the only way that you will survive the situation is knowing how to react quickly. Tsunamis occur when underwater earthquakes happen, and this can suddenly ruin your day. Recently in history, a tsunami came out of nowhere and devastated people while they were on vacation. This tsunami caused many people to lose their lives. Should a tsunami happen in the area, you are visiting or live you need to immediately seek higher grounds. Climb into the tallest building possible at the very top or run to the tallest part of the land around you. The higher up you are, the better your chances of surviving the tsunami are. You must be careful of the water in a tsunami as it will be covered with the debris that can cause as much injury as the rushing water itself. In order to escape the path of a tsunami, it is advisable that you always are vigilant of your surroundings and have an exit plan made at all times. Even when you are out having fun, a disaster can occur, and the best way to be prepared, is to plan ahead for different scenarios that might happen. The sudden rise in water from a tsunami can sweep away cars as well as weakly structured buildings. Make sure if you climb to the top of the building the building you find refuge in has a strong structural integrity. If you are escaping by car, be sure that you have enough time to get away. If water is rushing at you, it may be more dangerous to be caught inside of a car where you cannot climb onto a rooftop or tree for safety. Cars can end up flipped upside down and pinned under rushing water during the tsunami.
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    Climbing up building are dangerous as well because it could collapse the building but that is your best bet.
    Remember if you get caught in your car, wait for your car fills up with water before you try to open the doors.
    Get your seatbelt off first then go from there, keep your calm.
    If you panic you will drown.
    Keep calm and take each step to getting out as calmly as possible.
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    Several ways to survive a tsunami!
    First is early warning, if you notice the water suddenly recede like a really low tide GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE! as it is coming back big time!
    Always know where high ground is
    Solid concrete buildings are good
    If you get sucked out while you are on a watercraft, keep going out as the deeper the water the safer it is!
    A wave starts to crest when it slows down and it slows when the wave touch's bottom and that's about when depth is triple the visible height!
    With wide shallows any tsunami will break far from shore and there will just be mass's of whitewater and whitewater loses half its bouyency, no one can swim in that!
    If you get picked up by the wave just go with it and try for some sort of floatation to grab!
    Look ahead where you are going and try to keep your legs up!
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