Surviving A Volcano

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  1. Toast

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    How would you go about surviving a volcano? I think this has to be one of the hardest situations to survive. I've heard about this super volcano in Yellowstone, that if it erupted would cover half the world in ash. If you were in a Pompeii type situation, I'm not sure there would be a way to survive. Maybe an underground shelter? If you can wait out the ash/lava, and your shelter doesn't get covered by water/dirt/earth, you may be able to survive. Thoughts?
  2. John Snort

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    Before an eruption there'll be signs that the volcano might erupt.

    - There'll be lots of tremors or even earthquakes. They indicate magma movement.

    Magma moving to the surface could deform the shape of the volcano but as few people live very near volcanoes what they should watch out for are tremors. If there previously were none or very few when you notice increased seismic activity the wisest thing to do is leave the area.

    Should you wait for the eruption it might be impossible to make it to safety.
  3. lonewolf

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    no volcano's in the UK, we might suffer with some of the ash cloud like what happened with the Iceland eruption, but it'd be short lived.
  4. barbecueIt

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    First is to get away from the lava. Second is to prepare for the volcanic ash by buying N95 type mask or if not possible, putting a moist towel over the nose and mouth to avoid inhaling the ash. Constant brushing of ash from the roof is important because when the rain comes, that ash on the roof will solidify and will become cement like.
  5. Endure

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    One of the greatest dangers in a volcano eruption is not the lava flow, being hit by a lump of flying lava or rock, but by being choked by the fast moving scorching hot pyroclastic cloud. In 1991 pyroclastic cloud blew out of the side of Mount Unzen in Japan. NASA has an excellent set of diagrams for such an event .

    These cloud flows are Highly mobile, and reach velocities of up to 400 kilometers (250 miles) per hour and can spread as far as 100 kilometers (60 miles) from the eruption point.

    Here is what happened in 1991 when the pyroclastic cloud blew out of the side of Mount Unzen in Japan.

  6. Alex

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    Volcanoes are unpredictable and you shouldn't be on them without a guide or checking first how safe it is. That was my mistake when I got stranded on an active volcano. To escape is hard if you get caught, but to take cover and make sure you can breathe. I hid out in a crater as far away from the lava, but I would recommend prevention without a doubt.

    Those who live near an active volcano know what to do, which is pack up and leave or have underground shelters where they can hide out.
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