Surviving At Sea

Discussion in 'Survival Stories' started by Corzhens, Jun 28, 2017.

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    I had seen the movie Life of Pi where the youngster Pi was stranded on a life boat with some animals from the zoo. The tiger was the ferocious animal that it is, scared Pi no end so they stayed on both ends of the boat. His days on the boat showed how to survive. However, without any resources or supplies, it looks like the only recourse to survive is the catch fish. I have read in one article that eating fresh fish can supply the body with the needed fluid, it’s like having a drink of water.
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    We don't eat fish anymore. I did some research on pollution, chemical & nuclear, & I simply don't think it is worth the risk to eat fish anymore. Even the fish farms have problems. We will get our Omega 3 from other sources.
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    I never really liked fish, so it's good that it's not the only source of specific nutrients. But I think if you're stuck at sea or an island I don't think there's any choice; either learn how to fish or pretty much starve to death. Good if there are fruit trees nearby, but that shouldn't be a chance you have to take; when you're surrounded by fish and water, it's the most obvious choice.
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